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Case Study: The Travel Analytics Group


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The Travel Analytics Group, co-founded by two distinguished marketing and research experts, embarked on a mission to provide invaluable data to leaders in the tourism industry. They successfully developed TAG Visitor Info Profiles, a product designed to address this critical need. However, prior to launching their product, they recognized the importance of creating a strong brand identity. Despite their well-established reputation within the tourism sector, they sought the expertise of Chris Ribaudo to help shape their brand and make an impactful introduction to the world.


Upon engaging in initial discussions, Chris Ribaudo conducted a thorough analysis and identified the need for a comprehensive brand strategy and creative solutions. This strategic approach was necessary to establish TAG as a memorable and consistent presence in the market while formulating a robust marketing strategy for the forthcoming launch of TAG Visitor Info Products to a broader audience within the tourism industry.


Recognizing that a well-defined brand strategy serves as the foundation for all business endeavors, the first step undertaken was to develop this crucial component. Chris Ribaudo conducted a series of brand strategy workshops, fostering collaboration in exploring and shaping strategic elements. These included ideal customer and competitor research, positioning strategy, brand promise, value proposition formation, ideal customer persona development, customer journey mapping, key brand messaging hierarchy, brand story concept, brand persona, and voice and tone. Collectively, these efforts culminated in the creation of the TAG Brand Strategy Playbook.

Building on the insights gained through the brand strategy development, Chris Ribaudo proceeded to craft a compelling narrative, concept, and script for a TAG launch video that would introduce the new brand to the tourism market. Collaborating with a partner agency, Ribaudo took creative leadership in guiding the video's development. Following multiple iterations and obtaining client approval, the final video product was delivered punctually and within budget constraints.


The collaboration with Chris Ribaudo yielded significant results for TAG:

  1. Comprehensive Brand Strategy: A complete TAG brand strategy was meticulously developed, providing the founders with a solid foundation for launching the TAG brand within the tourism industry.

  2. Informed Marketing Strategy: The TAG brand strategy seamlessly informed and shaped the marketing strategy for the launch of TAG Visitor Info Profile products, ensuring a coherent and effective approach.

  3. Enhanced Customer Awareness: The introduction of the TAG brand resulted in heightened customer awareness within the target market.

  4. Positive Brand Perception: TAG established positive impressions and associations in the minds of its customers, fostering trust and credibility.

  5. Integrated Brand Marketing: The TAG brand strategy seamlessly integrated digital assets, messaging, and storytelling to create compelling brand marketing communications.

  6. Engaging Brand Storytelling: The TAG launch video, with its engaging storytelling, significantly increased awareness among ideal customers and facilitated relationship-building within the tourism industry.

Take Away

The strategic collaboration between the Travel Analytics Group and Chris Ribaudo not only defined the TAG brand but also laid the groundwork for a successful launch in the competitive tourism industry. Through meticulous brand strategy and creative execution, TAG was positioned to make a memorable and impactful entrance into the market, ultimately reaping the benefits of increased brand awareness and positive customer perceptions.


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